The Perfect Gift: Charm Bracelets

A Gift from the Past

If there is one thing all humans can relate to, no matter the era in which they come from, it’s the desire to evade what’s known simply as bad luck. One way people have done this is through what we know today as charm bracelets. 

Whether the charms were made of bones, rocks, or branches, people have consistently used them in search of comfort. In fact the use of charm bracelets can be traced back all the way to the Neolithic Era!

Often, early on, these charms would be used in religious terms- indicators to their deity of their piousness in life.

As the centuries passed the popularity of the charm bracelet didn’t wane, from the Greeks and Romans to Queen Victoria, donning one has always been en vogue. 

Your Personal Story

Perhaps the most fantastic part of a charm bracelet is the individuality, the personal touch each one brings to a person. Each specific charm can explain so much about someone; their past, their loves, their future.

No other type of jewelry has the ability to vary so much from person to person. As you can imagine a rich, city dweller, might have a bit of a different life story than a poor, rural farmer. But that’s the beauty of it all, this bracelet is you- everything you love and stand for, symbolically sitting on your wrist.

As Tracey Zabar said in an NPR excerpt from her book Charmed Bracelets, “Charm bracelets express who a woman is in a subtle way, simultaneously giving a whimsical little nod to her style while also serving as a record of remembrance of her life. In the most literal sense of the word, charms work magic on the viewer. ”

Finding the Perfect one

So you’ve made the decision, you’ve done the research, you want a charm bracelet for yourself. Here is where all the fun begins! As stated before, unlike most other jewelry, each one is unique to their owner!

The first step in your quest is to find the actual bracelet. Clearly this is all up to individual taste, as well as comfort. After that the real fun begins: picking out your charm bracelet. From silver and golden charms to beads, there are endless possibilities in how you adorn your charm bracelet.

So take your time, think about all of things that mean the most to you- your family, your pets, your past, anything that you want to wear with pride. Just like that you have your own walking memory, a perfect testament to the unique, confident, person you are.

As you begin your process take a few minutes to watch the video below, take in just how much this charm bracelet means to this women. Soon enough, that’s going to be you!