About Us

Hello Fashion Fans!

We can’t tell you just how much we appreciate you supporting our site, we are so happy to have you!

My name is Lauren Gregory, and I have spent my entire life here in the Columbus area. Coming from a family that many would call obsessed with accessories, fashion has always been a mainstay in this life of mine.

Whenever a friend’s birthday or a holiday would come around people knew what I was getting them, a fashionable gift. Soon enough people all over were reaching out for gift ideas, so i got the idea- why not just start a blog?

Within days I had it off the ground, cultivating a fantastic team to find the perfect gift suggestions for every person in your life!

I absolutely love interacting with all of our viewers, so if you have any questions or comments, or just want to chat- shoot me a message! We are so pleased to assist you, and thanks again for making our site a part of your gift-giving strategy!