Simplicity rules in gift giving, but nothing says BFF like a stunning showpiece

Crowd pleaser jewelry is a safe choice when picking out a gift for a casual friend or relative. It can be worn daily, and if it needs to be a “big” gift, the giver can achieve this with cut, clarity, and color.

The Safe Bet

There are many tasteful options. Pendants, low profile tennis bracelets, and diamond studs are a sure hit. Birthstones are typically safe options, but make sure colored choices are only on small pieces. You should look at the person’s current jewelry to determine whether or not they prefer white or yellow metal, and silver is a good alternative for more expensive gold when price is a barrier.

Charm bracelets are also a safe gift option when the recipient is a casual friend or relative. The beauty of charm bracelets is that you can continue to get the recipient charms for their bracelet.

Best Friends Forever

Only your BFF knows the perfect amount of bling for your wardrobe and your personality.

Not only does a large, magnificent piece of artwork hanging from your neck have to match your clothing, but you must have the personality to wear such an item. It must adorn you but not cover you. A large necklace, or large earrings for that matter, must not overpower the wearer. You want to see the person first, not be blinded by the jewelry. If you’re not overwhelmingly sure about the jewelry or the person, stick to the safe bet.

There are so many bib necklaces out there aching to be worn by the right person, but put them in the wrong hands, and they become tasteless, inappropriate, and ugly. We’ve all seen these sad circumstances.

Fashion Sense

These rules can be applied to anything in fashion. It is not in poor taste to give a classic, timeless accessory or wardrobe item. Those with the best fashion sense wear a blend of classic pieces with a flare of personality. Let those who deeply know the person figure out the flare, and supply your loved ones with gifts they can use.

Simplicity is elegance, and fashion staples are a must. Your friend may already have these items, but they are likely in need of an updated version, and they’ll be thankful for the change.

Contact us if you have advice about gifts, jewelry, and fashion. We love to hear from our readers. And please don’t hesitate to give the gift of fashion! Just make sure you consider how well you know the person.